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Welcome to FigurePad

FigurePad lets you easily create customized worksheets to solve your most common calculations. Whether you are a student, engineer, financial analyst, or hobbyist, just enter your formulas and let FigurePad create ready-to-use calculator apps for you.

Includes a Library to get you started! FigurePad comes with nearly a dozen calculators to get you started, including: Home Mortgage Calculator, Car Payment Terms, Temperature Conversion, BMI and Cholesterol Calculators

Easy as...

Step 1 - Enter your Formula
  • Just enter the right-hand-side of any formula
  • Tap the = sign to change the name of the result variable
  • Includes a picker for quickly using built-in functions
  • Use the A* key to automatically generate a unique variable name
  • Support for pi and e constants
Step 2 - Select a Theme
  • Add a title for your calculator
  • Choose between auto-calculate and a manual re-calculate button
  • Stylize your calculators using pre-defined themes
Step 3 - Launch from your Library
  • Store all your calculators in your custom library for fast retrieval
  • Quick launch your favorite calculators
  • Swipe to delete unused calculators
Step 4 - You're done!
  • Run your calculator whenever you need
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